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Nilfisk was founded in Denmark in 1906 by Peder Andersen Fisker (1875–1975) and Hans Marius Nielsen (1870–1954) as Fisker & Nielsen. Originally the company produced electrical engines as the basic component in ventilators, kitchen elevators, drilling machines and, later on, the Nimbus motorcycle.

In 1989 NKT Holding, listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange, bought Fisker & Nielsen. In 1994 Nilfisk A/S acquired Advance Machine Company and in 1998 Nilfisk A/S was renamed Nilfisk-Advance. In 1998 Nilfisk-Advance merged with Euroclean/Kent[4] and between 2000 and 2011, Nilfisk-Advance acquired CFM, Gerni, ALTO, Ecologica, United States Products, Viper, Hydramaster, Egholm, Plataforma and Jungo making Nilfisk-Advance one of the largest suppliers of professional cleaning equipment worldwide.[5] In 2015, Nilfisk-Advance changed name to Nilfisk.

Nilfisk is a supplier of professional cleaning equipment in both industrial, commercial and consumer markets. The company is headquartered in Brøndby, Denmark, with sales entities in 45 countries and dealers in more than 100 countries. Nilfisk has manufacturing facilities in various countries. It has approximately 4,844 employees worldwide. The company's core businesses are the supply of industrial and commercial cleaning machines and professional high-pressure cleaning equipment. Nilfisk also markets vacuum cleaners and high-pressure cleaners to consumers. The company was owned by NKT Holding until late 2017. Nilfisk is a part of the United Nations Global Compact. The company was spun off by NKT Holdings in October 2017 and is now listed as an independent company on Nasdaq Copenhagen.

Nilfisk Customer Support

United States
Nilfisk-Advance, Inc.
Industrial Vacuum Division
740 Hemlock Road, Suite 100
Morgantown, PA 19543

Nilfisk-Advance A/S Sognevej 25
DK-2605 Brøndby
+45 4323 8100

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