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About Wet/Dry Vacuum

I decided to undertake this project, because I needed to buy a new wet/dry vacuum to replace my ancient clunky 16-gallon Shop-Vac. When I searched online, and at my local stores, I found that it was very difficult to compare all of the various models from all of the manufacturers. Specifications were difficult to find, they were often wrong and contradictory (most wattages listed on Amazon are around 1/10th of what they actually are for some reason), and there were no good tools to compare them. I wound up creating a spreadsheet with some of the models I thought were most interesting, and even contacted one of the manufacturers (Vacmaster, who I was very impressed with for taking the time to answer me), to ask for specifications for a couple of models that were never published.

I am a software developer by profession, and organizing information like this is actually sort of my speciality--I've been writing web applications since 1993. So, I decided that I could tackle this problem, and along the way, explore newer technology and techniques that I usually don't get a chance to explore when I'm working to meet deadlines. So, I hope you find this useful. Please use this, and let me know if you find it useful or if you have any suggestions, or additions or corrections to any of the information here.

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I have made every effort to be as accurate as possible on this site. Many manufacturers themselves provide contradictory specifications for the same model on their own websites. While I've tried to be careful, I cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information on this site or accept liabilty for its use. If you have any corrections or additions to make to any vacuum or filter, please send me email with the details.

Affiliate Disclosure

I am a participant in the Amazon Associates affiliate programs, so I receive a small commission for purchases made after clicking on links to Amazon from this site. This income will hopefully support running and maintaining this site.